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Image author Flappy Bird game – But one of the biggest mysteries that many people are still hurt to find an explanation of why that is the reason of Ha Dong, the father of the explosive new blockbuster game lobby reticent and refused again to appear before such media. No it theories have been proposed to justify silent mystery of 29-year-old game makers.

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Flappy Bird Cheat For iOS

Flappy Bird Cheat For iOS- Gamers Can Set An “Unlimited High Score”

This hack is for gamers playing Flappy Bird on either iPhone or iPad, and luckily there is no jailbreak required. In order to implement the hack be sure the Flappy Bird application is running on your mobile device before beginning.

1. Download one of these modified atlas.txt files. [Use this if you want pipes appear but you can go through them — Use this if you want a little line instead of the whole pipe —]

2. Download iExplorer (When the registration screen comes up, click “Continue with Demo”), next, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

3. Now open iExplorer, and search through your apps for “” once you find it open “”

4. In “” search through your files for one named “atlas.txt.” Next click on “atlas.txt” and in the right hand screen you’ll see a bunch of text/code.

5. Change the view to thumbnail mode, then drag the new atlas.txt file you downloaded right into the iExplorer screen with all the other thumbnails.

6. You will be prompted to replace the file. Replace it.

Check out the video below in order to follow along with the step-by-step hack!

If your iOS Device is jailbroken, click here to get a full tutorial on how to install this hack and the unlimited high score cheat on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad!

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Flappy Bird Cheat for Android

Flappy Bird Cheat for Android- Gamers Can Set An “Unlimited High Score”

According to YouTube user, TECHxINFINITE, there is a permanent Flappy Bird Android hack that allows gamers to actually set their high score to any number they desire, hence why it’s called unlimited, because it’s pretty much just a free-for-all. For this hack a “Root” is required, rooting your Android device gives your full access to it’s entire operating system. In addition, after rooting your android device you can run special types of apps that require root permissions, which can disable bloatware, control app permissions, enable tethering, etc.

1. If Flappy Bird is already installed on your device, uninstall and reinstall a clean copy. Play the game once and get a high score of any amount, a high score of at least 1 is required for this hack.

2. Download ES File Explorer File Manager from the Google Play Store. After download is complete open ES File Explorer File Manager.

3. Open the Tools menu in ES File Explorer File Manager; it is located on the left side. Check that “Root Explorer” is on.

4. Go into the root file directory under /device, next click on the folder labeled “Data.”

5. Once inside the “Data” folder, search for another folder labeled “Data” and open it.

6. Search the folder for the “Flappy Bird file, the simplest way to locate it is by searching for “Flappy” in your Search Bar.

7. Once found open the “Flappy Bird file, then open “shared_prefs.”

8. Open “FlappyBird.xml” and select “ES Note Editor” when prompted.

9. Click “Edit” in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

10. Change the score value to whatever number you wish your high score to be.

Check out the video below in order to follow along with the step-by-step hack!

Flappy Bird Cheats – Tips – Tutorials

Flappy Bird, how you have consumed my life, time, and obviously all of my patience. The hugely popular mobile game has skyrocketed to the front of the iTunes and Google Play Store and now finds itself amongst the big hitters in terms of annoyingly addictive games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Cut the Rope. And while the gameplay behind Flappy Bird seems simple enough, the game is frustratingly difficult, so difficult in fact that a high score of a 5 or even a coveted 10 doesn’t come without nearly breaking your mobile device from losing so many times in a row. So how does one combat the dreaded evil tactics hidden amongst the happy go lucky draw of Flappy Bird? By following these 10 tips and tricks, and when all else falls hack it!

Flappy Bird 4

Our first tip is simple, learn how to aim your bird. While it certainly takes practice, work on the technique before aiming for a high score. If you learn how to aim your bird, you can better determine where and when the bird will jump each time you hit the screen. After you have a better understanding of how your bird will move, you can then aim it at specific areas of the pipe to better avoid them when you jump.

Next you should attempt to prevent the game from crashing. Unfortunately Flappy Bird has a tendency to crash each time a user loses a specific stage, if it happens to you, restart the app and you should be able to play without losing your score to a dreaded crash. Another tip in order to attempt to enjoy this maddening game is to make yourself take a break from it. If you’re scores are dropping and Flappy Bird has gotten into your head and has started to systemically trash talk you into believing you will never beat those pipes, then put the game down and try some deep breathing exercises. Seriously a hectic gameplay will never result in a high score, take a break, clear your mind, and then return to Flappy Bird.

This tip is twofold, similarly to learning how to aim your jump, attempt to measure how your bird jumps. Or how your bird reacts after you have tapped the screen in order for it to jump. The biggest bird (and soul) killer are the drastic drops from high pipes to low pipes, once you know how your bird jumps try to time your jump through the pipes, instead of having to do the hasty double jump which normally results in your bird falling through the bottom pipe.

This tip comes straight from the creator of Flappy Bird himself. According to Dong Nguyen, the game is easier when played on an Android device, as opposed to an iOS device. He stated that the slight advantage of Android devices will be eliminated soon, once he releases an update for Flappy bird. But right now, Android gamers have a slight advantage of iOS users. It’s becoming obvious that the device you play on certainly has some impact on the game, in addition to Android devices being easier to play on due to software, Flappy Bird is easier to play on a tablet. The bigger, the better rings true in this mobile game, the larger screen gives gamers a better visual and allows them to judge distance more precisely.

The final two tips have to do with the most difficult part of the game, the pipes. A recent report from Writer Party claims that the bird is easier to control if it is bouncing up and down. With this belief they claim a good way to pass lower pipes is to allow the bird to dip down low and then quickly bounce, just enough to clear the pipe but not too high! However they warn that allowing your bird to dip low, means the player must time jumps. They suggest the best timing of your bird occurs when you “drop right to the front of the mouth of the pipe” and when your bird lands next to it-BOUNCE! Then bounce again when you are right between the two pipes.

If all of these tips and tricks end up infuriating you more, then please go ahead and hack. Flappy Bird is supposed to be fun, and what’s more fun than cheating? Cheating and winning! While there is more satisfaction in beating Flappy Bird the organic way, you will feel so much happier when you play the game hacked-which means minus pipes. So if you are tired of losing in Flappy Bird and want to feel the eternal glory that comes with possessing an unlimited high score, check out our hacks for removing pipes, and setting your own highs core. The cheats are available for Android, jail broken iOS, and un-jail broken iOS devices!

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